Curious if a Drone is an Effective Engineering Tool?

Too often the thought that 3D models and drones are the technology of  gamers and hobbiests. nothing could be more wrong. Find out more by clicking the link.

How is a 3D model going to save time and resources?

Check out the exciting “Interactive” menu to learn more about the many engineering resources that can be produced with the help of Drones and innovative software technologies.

Why is a 3D Point Cloud so Pixelated?

The question is asked more often than you might think. Click to learn the answer that will give you a new appreciaion for the technology and each and every one of those pixels.

Phase 1, LLC

Phase 1, LLC

3D CAD Fluid & Mechanical Design Engineering + Drone Flight & Data Services


Phase 1, LLC provides premium Drone Services that take advantage of the latest drone technologies to open up an full array of business development and engineering possibilities.

Our core business is founded on cutting edge engineering services and integrating our drone technology with our unique 3D CAD software, proprietary model library and decades of broad-based and detail-focused experience. We’ve worked in many industries, and understand the special needs of each.

Mapping and Surveying

Orthomosaic files allow you to easily import, overlay and view design plans and utility maps on all drawings of your project. This lets you quickly measure, check progress against plan drawings, grading vs. actual elevation, spotting health and safety issues, annotating delivery route planning and many other use cases.

Asset Management

Assets in any business can represent a significant investment in capital and operating costs. With our various asset management tools and reports, managers and other decision makers can more accurately evaluate all your capital assets and empower your team to make effective budgeting, operating and financial decisions.

3D Modeling & Point Clouds

By combining drone data sets with the technology of photogrammetry we build a digital twin of your corporate assets. From the aerial imagery gathered by high resolution drone cameras the data sets become a 3D point cloud and engineering tool for team collaboration and planning. A powerful and highly effective solution setting our clients apart from their competition.

Marketing and Real Estate Imagery

Present the highest value of residential and commercial properties with various aerial angles and views. Put dynamic imagery before buyers, clients, investors, or potential tenants. We do that… But wait, there is more. We offer more than just another pretty picture… we fly it 3D, empowering you with resources that your competition doesn’t have.

Construction Monitoring

Job site documentation is essential for every general contractor. Whether you need to share the state of a project with clients and stakeholders, monitor site changes over time, or dispute claims down the road—you’ll need to capture progress photos and video over the course of a project. Data can be captured quickly, without interrupting site activity.

Inspection Services

Take advantage of high resolution imagery for inspection of buildings, solar panels, storage tanks, rooftops, cell and radio towers, and other facilities. Minimize exposure to hazards and perform preliminary inspections more efficiently by empowering your team with the most advanced technology to execute safe and effective service and maintenance plans.

Our pilots are FAA Part 61 & 107 certified and perform safe and compliant aerial activities.

Up to $5M in liability insurance coverage putting safety and responsibility first.

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Service Coverage


Based out of the Salt Lake Valley in Utah, our services extend throughout the intermountain west area and into Texas. For projects over 100 miles from our corporate offices, additional travel charges may apply. Contact us today about your project and get a quote.

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Kris A. Yates Founder/Owner

Kris A. Yates Founder/Owner

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