Asset Management

It is nearly impossible to manage something effectively if you don’t know what that “something” consists of…

Our services give you the knowledge and information to know exactly what you’re managing.

Sample Report

Customized reports are generated from the data collected and the data is presented according to each clients individual specifications.

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Populating a database of organizational assets can be challenging. Difficulties arise from several factors: some assets are underground and cannot be seen; assets generally are put in at different times; records regarding what assets have been installed may be old, incomplete, inaccurate, or missing; some assets are very complex with many parts; and staff turnover in operations and maintenance may limit the historical knowledge of system assets.

Our services include one time and ongoing collection activities, inspection and inventory gathering of assets. Our clients use that information to then developed better monitoring systems within their organizations. Additionally, when properly implemented, resources can be better coordinated to expand as existing assets are identified and new ones are added. With our services, clients are able to define their desired data for collection and with proprietary and custom data collection methods a standardized approach for identifying and tracking equipment can be developed.

The successful implementation of an asset management program requires a professional team and a professional approach. The benefits it provides, the levels of service it maintains, and the activities that can be done to support a this effort will be a key focus in the continuous improvement and success of any program.