Capturing Assets in 3D

Capturing Assets in 3D

Building a Digital 3D Archive


Capturing 3D data has never been easier than now with state of the art technology in software and hardware. Digital 3D models offer an unprecidented and interactive way to access highly detailed data that traditionally was limited to an inperson inspection or 2D images and technical drawings.

Check it out! – Click, Drag and Explore the 3D model.

In the interactive window below is a simple example of an underground rainwater harvesting system. The 3D model is captured to manage the project, ensure that the installation is done properly, for potential future maintenace or repair and also serves as a digital archive record of the asset for legal and govenrment use.

Mining a 3D Point Cloud through the Cloud

Imagine the value of collecting 3D models of objects in situe of underground utilities, gathering as built construction details, having an online 3D archive of all corporate physical assets that could be studied and used for planning, logistics, safety, aqusition, design, and a host of other valuable management processes. Create a complete survey of a site in a few hours instead of days and have that information be more accurate and reliable than traditional survey processes.

We recently performed a project for a client who needed a complete inventory of all assets spread out over 4 project sites that were all located miles from each other. With this technology we were able to deliver a complete database that included images, 3D models, equipment, buildings, serial numbers, and descriptions of all assets that were then used by the client in aquisition and insurance reporting.

In another example we were invited to use this technology to help in the evaluation process of a problematic construction site. In a meeting with the project manager, the architect, the banker, and a few others it was clearly shown where the issues were that needed to be addressed. Using our technology and comparing that with the architect and engineering data there was a clear path forward as to how to address the issues and where there needed to be attention focused.

We invite you to contact us and discuss your project to see how we might be able to save you time and resources in the application of this new and growing technology. These examples are a small sample of what we have already done and there are a number of applications that we are confident have yet to be explored. Give us a call, we are eager to learn about your project challenges.