Our pilots are FAA certified and perform safe and compliant aerial activities.

Why should you hire an FAA Part 107 Certified Remote Pilot? Because it’s against the law to profit from products produced by drone technology without a part 107 FAA certified pilot in command of the drone and its activities. The FAA owns the airspace above us and enforces the use of that airspace. Drone Pilots who take the time to enroll in courses, invest in studies and pass the FAA exam are the only operators qualified by law to pilot a drone for commercial purposes. Commercial flying of drones includes any flights that are for “work or business”, even if no money changes hands.

 All commercial flights must be done by an FAA certified Remote Pilot (FAA Part 107 or 333). FAA certified pilots are required to understand the same aviation charts as do airplane and helicopter pilots. This includes flying over your own personal business in order to make a video for your website, or flying properties for a real estate broker.

Dont make the mistake of asking a non-certified drone hobbiest to operate and produce drone products for you. The consequences far outweigh the money you may spend to hire a commercial drone pilot. It is more common than you might think for violators to be investigated by the FAA and charged – depending upon the situation the penalties and fines can be costly.

Up to $5M in liability insurance coverage putting safety and responsibility first.

Commercial UAV insurance is not required in the U.S. for a commercial drone pilot. That does not, however, negate the myriad legal and insurance-related concern one should have if planning to fly a commercial drone. 

Drone operation poses risks to business and the general public. Aside from the need to protect assets if something goes wrong, customers and business partners can ask far drone insurance before doing business.

Additionally, collecting and using the drone data and who has access to that data can be even bigger concerns for commercial drone operators. Invasion of privacy claims are becoming more common and are expected to be even more prevalent as drone use increases.

The insurance industry is responding to the rapid expansion of commercial drone use. While there is no indication that commercial drone insurance will be required by law in the near future, failing to ensure that your drone service provider has could have devastating consequences for your business.