Construction Monitoring

So, why use drones for construction monitoring?

They offer a practical tool to observe progress and how it corresponds to project standards and expectations.

…we don’t like surprises.

Contractors are turning to construction drones to solve problems and save time. Drones have been used to capture image-based, as-built data on buildings; conduct surveys and inspections; and even perform quick, easy tasks on-site.

Consider the many places drones can be used; target inspections of buildings, bridges, roadways, railroads, roofs, cell towers, cooling towers and oil and gas infrastructure. Classic 3D and 2D mapping as well as topographic maps can be captured and made with our services.

Drones provide superior endurance and intelligence on job sites. Their ability to collect and report data allows them to complete work faster. The need for manual labor is all but removed from the equation. In the future, drones will take on even more integral tasks involved in large projects. They are poised to cut the time it takes to build a skyscraper by a broad margin, thereby cutting costs. Contractors who rely on drones will be able to make much more ambitious bids and complete work on time.