Up to $5M in liability insurance coverage putting safety and responsibility first.

Commercial UAV insurance is not required in the U.S. for a commercial drone pilot. That does not, however, negate the myriad legal and insurance-related concern one should have if planning to fly a commercial drone. 

Drone operation poses risks to business and the general public. Aside from the need to protect assets if something goes wrong, customers and business partners can ask far drone insurance before doing business.

Additionally, collecting and using the drone data and who has access to that data can be even bigger concerns for commercial drone operators. Invasion of privacy claims are becoming more common and are expected to be even more prevalent as drone use increases.

The insurance industry is responding to the rapid expansion of commercial drone use. While there is no indication that commercial drone insurance will be required by law in the near future, failing to ensure that your drone service provider has could have devastating consequences for your business.