Mapping and Surveying

Carry out topographic surveys faster and with better quality than by traditional methods, and in a fraction of the time.

Our services give you accurate, high resolution aerial imagery to address all your mapping and surveying needs.

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In the interactive window below is a simple example of an orthomosaic image overlaid on a map of the same area. You’ll note that the image is scaled perfectly to the map and as you zoom up on the image, the resolution of the imagery increases to maintain a high resolution. This increase in clarity is maintained to the point where one can actually count the number of stairs going up to the pedestrian bridge.

In remote locations work can introduce logistical hurdles in communicating with workers throughout an organization and its affiliates. This can present a challenge to managers and engineers working from headquarters in collaborating with the boots on the ground. Drones can make things easier by flying organizational assets and upload the data to the cloud where office managers can review and coordinate further inspection or follow ups — all without leaving the desk chair.

With a high resolution orthographic image that can be viewed to an unbelievable level of resolution, our deliverables coupled with a simple viewing tool can help answer questions and provide highly accurate design and engineering information that easily offsets expensive field resources.

Using this technology along with drones we can produce highly technical 2D maps that empower your teams with additional information to fill in imaging gaps left by satellite mapping with up-to-date data.

Orthomosaic images are created with a large number of overlapping photos taken by the drone and cover a defined area. Once that data is captured as precise aerial imagery, the photos are stitched together into geo-rectified orthomosaics.

The data provided by the information can help you with inspections, asset management, determining raw materials requirements, and collaborating with stakeholders in remote locations as well as many other applications.

Additionally you are able to put forth a professional technical presence and educate your clients with cutting-edge and easily obtainable technology. We can provide you with up to date mapping and surveying resources of a property or area that can easily be embedded on your website or shared digitally.