Mining a 3D Point Cloud

Mining a 3D Point Cloud

Exploring the Project's Data


Every point cloud hosts a wealth of 3D digital information including the ability to take measurements, visualize geometry, and much more. This information can be “mined” using our powerful and portable viewer included with every point cloud we produce. When needing additional functionality such as timeline analysis, calculating and comparing volumes, virtual inspections and team sharing as shown in the interactive window below, we offer these solutions to support your team through membership in our monthly cloud services.

Check it out! – Click, Drag and Explore the 3D model.

In the interactive window below is a simple example of 3D point cloud model being demonstrated in our cloud services viewer. In addition to the portable viewer that we deliver with every point cloud, our cloud services viewer adds enterprise level functionality that enables our clients even more capability. 

Mining a 3D Point Cloud through the Cloud

We are eager to make the information found in point clouds accessable to all our customers in the most cost effective way possible. With every point cloud we deliver to our clients a number of files like 3d point clouds, orthomosaic images, topographic contour data, surface meshs and digital elevations models (DEM) as well as viewing tools to access those files. All of this is included in our base service at no extra charge and in most cases are adequate to meet all the needs of our clients.

There are those situations where additional functionality is needed. In these cases we can offer a membership into our cloud server that adds to the base functionality of our viewer. The following is a list of functionality that can be accessed by using this “cloud” service. We invite you to contact us to learn what mihgt be the most effective approach to accessing and mining your dataset.


  • Distance and areas measurements
  • Volume measurements
  • Volume comparison
  • Elevation profile
  • Annotations
  • Virtual inspector
  • Side by Side Timeline Comparison
  • CAD Design and Image overlay
  • 2D/3D Comparison
  • Template selection
  • Output coordinate system selection
  • Import BIM models
  • Import Phase 1 Provided Data
  • Cloud Share